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OK, how Cool is this!! _ Emailed in from one of our Bingo-Buddies!!




The Lyrics


This story's about an ex-truck driver

Bein' named John James Wall

Before his friends blackballed him and nick-named him pinball

I gathered this story from a truck stop in Gallipolis, Ohio

When this old fellar, I'd say, 70 years old

Asked me to buy him a strong cup of coffee

And a piece of good apple pie

I bought the coffee and the pie for the old fellow

And I'm awful glad I did

Because he winked his eye and smiled and said "My!, My!"

Then I noticed in a few minutes, with trembling hands

He pushed a part of his pie and coffee back

And looked at me with tears running down his poor old

Weather beaten cheeks, and this is what he said...


I'm an old hog-hauler, I drove a big truck

I shot the pinball machine, but it caused me bad luck.


Put all I ever made in a pinball machine

I'd get four catty-corners, then I'd miss the 16.


I wish they'd outlaw them old pinball machines

Many weeks they have caused me to live on sardines.


Last time I called my wife on the phone

The first thing she says, "John, when can you come home?"


"I got a load of hogs and they've got to go

I'll see you when I get back from Chicago."


She says, "John, you know I love you, I wish you wouldn't go

Send your babies some money, they are hungry and cold."


The last thing she said and then she hung up

"John, you give up my lovin', just to drive an old truck."


I made my trip on to Chicago

I was gone two months, 'cause I shot up my dough.


When I got home my family was gone

The best friend I had, rung my telephone.


He said, "John, I guess you wonder about your babies and wife?

Pneumonia got your babies and your wife took her life!"


I lost all my friends, I can't sleep for bad dreams

I dream about an old truck and a pinball machine.




I never will forget the last words that old man said

"Oh! Lord, if I could live my life over!" and then he fell dead.


They tell me John was a clean cut man at the age of 19

But now he's in his grave ...

A victim of a big old truck, and a pinball machine.







The Song


Lonnie Irving _ Pinball Machine







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