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Bally’s Magic Line Bingo Pinballs first appeared in 1954 with Variety and ended in 1978 with Galaxy


Wow! _ Quite a span of years and quite a span of bingos, including several different Magic Line concepts, even covering the 2-Card Miss America Bingos.


Now the patent for this mechanism below was released in April of 1960 and that likely means is was proposed much early and actually covered the 54’ and 55 bingos, like Gay Time, Gayety, and Big Time along with Variety.





The name game-name of the first pin in this series was really apropos, literally heralding in the first of many new changes that truly changed up the machines and truly involved the player into the game _ Variety!


Variety allowed you to adjust the first 3 lines up-and-down “2 positions” vertically, Big Time allowed you to adjust all 5 lines, and Gay Time and Gayety reverted back to only 3 adjustable lines, since they also offered the Magic Pockets feature.



“ You don’t know how many times I hit the 11,7,5 / 11,7,5,23 on my Big Time ”


“To this day: Big Time is my favorite bingo pinball”




~ Even being able to move only 3 of these lines is Powerful ~









After the Vertical movement, having this feature twisted horizontally and added into the 2-Card bingos was Awesome!


~ Check out this post from Vic and Mark W. _ Very Very Cool ~














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