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Mr. John Prigg from Texas wrote in with a few very cool “bingo pinball emails” and kindly followed up with some pics!







From: TBF <firewoodtogo>
To: Danny Leach <bingopinballs>
Sent: Tuesday, May 8, 2012 7:57 PM
Subject: RE: wall street bingos

Danny, thanks for getting back, I'm in Texas just south of Dallas, Midlothian. I'm a player not a fixer lol. I played my Mystic gate for hours a day until it broke. Had to switch to my Twist, its NEW! had 32 games on it when I got it! now several thousand LOL. I will take pics of the WALL STREET set I have inside and out for you if you like?  and this twist too. I am looking for a cigarette holder that screwed on top of the side rails on the wood machines, there was one on both sides. In Jeff Lawton's book Bally on page 35 there is an example on a machine in the picture front. Man I'd sure like to pick up two of those. I e-mailed Jeff and he gave me a few clues to try to find them. My show Time doesn't work, but I have a repair guy coming from Colorado to look at it. I really want to restore it but must make sure it is restorable. I also have a couple of parts machines so I hope they will help in the parts area. If I sell the wall street set, and by the way BORING, except for my kids they love them, I want to get a bounty. It’s the game I grew up on in Arizona. It wasn't sold in the USA but in Canada it was. A bartender of the bar I grew up around came from Canada and brought it to Arizona, there were several other places that had the bingos like the local pool hall and such. But that was always my favorite. I have found a place in Tennessee that has 120 of these bingos in a warehouse. I have a meeting with them in July (the only time this guy is in town) so I hope I find one there or two or three ... LOL but I plan on buying all he has in bingos. I will get back to you and let you know how it turns out. Good to talk to someone who knows these things, keep up the good work on the site  john


I love that: Played it til it Broke!!










Thxs John _ Very Cool Brother!









_ Nice to see so many bingos nestled together! _