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I don’t remember the full details or story here, but I recognize this email from some time in the last 3 years where someone was asking me about the artwork of the games and I sent this response below.


At least I think I did, it sure reads like something I wrote.


Anyhoo: I don’t exactly agree with it _laugh _ But I decided to post it anyway, since a few of you might comment??






as to art - out of the older 50' and 60' bingos i don't think any of the cabinet paint jobs were all that great, it seems Chicago didn't put much stock in colors or detail, there were gambling pins for bars right, so they kind of used bland neutral colors like the old nasty tile and carpet you saw in your moms and grandmas kitchens and dining rooms - these machines were going to be kicked and moved around a lot so maybe functionality also played a factor -


for artwork on the backglass united south seas and caravan are probably a couple of the nicer examples - the backglases on many of the bingos were so packed with features, that seemed to be the main focus, again gambling - sucking the players in with more bingo features - palm springs, orient, and key west both worked around it well, but...........


The trick to attracting the players was also in the coin-play where Chicago wanted them to stuff nickels into these things, to have the machine noisy and exciting during the turn-on to get more coin and attract the surrounding crowd with noise kind of like a jukebox with the flashing lights and random free songs - etc


for the playfields, it's a toss-up on whether you like any of them, many have small fine points and there are a few that were very nice like beauty beach loaded with cuties - i also like Venice and it really depends on your taste - some folks just liked to see them lit up because the light towers are kind of cool - dude ranch has some great artwork - miss universe has some real cute girls -



_ I would chance to say, that the Bingos really show themselves off in the dark _ They really shine at night or in the low-lights of some tavern!


_ Then there is no doubt, that these are very pretty machines _

















Well _ Any Comments??



















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