Bingo Pinballs

Created on 2-4-2012


From: black.magic@xxxxxxxxx

Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 00:30:30 -0800 (PST)

On 28 feb, 07:50, TheChurchoftheSilverBall


Hi. just picked up a Sirmo bingo. The head and body don’t match, I figured that before I bought it, but the price was good. Does anyone
have a source for technical info on these units? it is in very nice shape. It uses the same crappy data sentry battery as Gottlieb.  :-)

Interesting hardware. I need to convert it to 110v. I may just replace the transformer, it would be simpler.


Sadly, there is almost no information to be found about these bingo's :-(

Luckily, you've bought a Sirmo machine! I've had bingo's from Wimi and Sirmo and the Wimi's were always broken and in a code. very difficult to repair and if they weren’t the exact head and cabinet you could be sure you were in for some trouble!

Sirmo on the other hand is way more tolerable. So there's a big chance that the bingo will work eventually after putting it on 110V.

You can put the bingo in test with a service box to see if there are faulty opto's (which can occur now and then) and if all the ball-through switches work correctly which is very important. Also do not forget to check the shooter-lane switch and the switch on top.


If one of these does not work, you're in for some trouble!

Good luck!



Both a cautionary note on buying an older Belgium game with “known error codes”

But also hope that they are repairable and there are guys with experience`






I just searched today, 2021, and this resource appears to still be active`…also on facebook`