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I really like this brief response from Roger, I agree the Bingos are Extremely Addictive`



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Subject: Bingo Pinballs ?What are they?
Date: 1999/10/14

This might seem like a stupid question to some, but can anyone tell me the true meaning of bingo pinballs and whether or not to buy them?


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Subject: Re: Bingo Pinballs ?What are they?

Lovemypins writes
Date: 1999/10/15

Bingo pins are, in fact, gambling machines that are roughly the size and shape of regular pins. They are electro-mechanical, extremely heavy, with masses of wires, relays and motors. I think that most collectors are probably middle aged and, perhaps, some of their mis-spent youth was on these machines (they are extremely addictive).  I have 2 bingos and, I must say, that I would probably get rid of my TZ, TAF or CFTBL before I would sell my bingos! If you would like to pursue this further, a great book on Bingo's has just been published by Jeffrey Lawton. It goes into great detail and there are lots of excellent pictures. I'm sorry that I don't have the time to explain all the features here, it would take way too long. Hope this helps - Roger


Yeah, it might take a bit of time to explain all of the features here ~ Where would you start, smile`







Definition of misspent youth,

the time when one is young and doing things that are not considered wise or proper















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