Paris terror attack suicide bomber caught on CCTV breaking into cafe to loot pinball machines

ISIS monster Ibrahim Abdeslam broke into a cafe to loot machines and went on to injure three people after detonating a suicide vest


Shocking images have emerged of suicide bomber Ibrahim Abdeslam breaking into a cafe to loot pinball machines just six months before he blew himself up in the Paris attacks .

Surveillance tapes show the terrorist breaking in through a cellar with an accomplice close to his home in the notorious Molenbeek district of Brussels.

After calmly making his way through a store room used to keep bottles and barrels he is seen ransacking gaming machines in the bar.

The footage raises disturbing questions about how much security services knew about the 31-year old and his brother Salah Abdeslam before they launched a devastating series of strike on the French capital.

Terror group IS are financing attacks by employing troubled youngsters to carry out petty crimes.

Ibrahim detonated his suicide vest during the massacre outside the Comptoir Voltaire Café - injuring three people and killing himself.

He was arrested after the burglary in May and seen being handcuffed by police in footage for a TV documentary.

His brother Salah, who has become Europe’s most wanted man, is still on the run a week after the series of assaults against a concert hall, stadium and restaurants in Paris.


Brahim Abdeslam robbery

Footage: Ibrahim Abdeslam pictured during a robbery

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He is being hunted by anti-terror units across Belgium after two friends drove him back across the French border.

Salah was wearing a suicide belt when they picked him up on the outskirts of Paris after the attacks.

They told how he was “shaken” as they drove him to a park with his lap top.

His computer was later seized during a series of raids.

Neighbours of the Abdeslam family revealed seeing Salah rowing with his brother Ibrahim about payment for the attack just a day before.

The witness said: “I heard an argument, a huge hassle.

“I leaned out the window and I could see the two brothers fighting.

“One thing I heard is: ‘I not go if I have no money!’

“The other, he said. ‘No, no, you’re going to go!’

“He replied: ‘If I am not the loot, I move not without dough, I do not go and that happened Thursday night.'

"The neighbour added: “The brothers started praying and sports for three months.

“They trained for three months, they pray for three months, they stop smoking for three months."

Brahim Abdeslam

Evil: Ibrahim Abdeslam

Meanwhile, an accomplice of Paris massacre mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud called Larez, 39, a Moroccan national has been arrested in Brussels.

Security services found blood and a loaded weapon inside car seized at address in Jette, north of Brussels.

While he was being questioned by officers he received a text on his mobile phone saying “The Jew is not there.”

He is currently being held in a maximum security jail in Brugges.





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