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This page was created on 8-28-2011


Vic C. looks back and remembers the Dude Ranch he played at Seaside Hts. back During-the-Day!!


Dude Ranch

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Played this cool mechanical sounding nickel two-card bingo in Royal Arcade on Seaside Hts. N.J. (FUNTOWN PIER) boardwalk back in the late 1960's. The arcade owner would pay you out in Cigarettes instead of cash and i remember winning a carton for a 100 replays. I also was lucky enough to find a DUDE RANCH in the basement of a dollar store about a mile from my home a few years ago in very bad mechanical condition for $75.I restored it and played it for a while before sending it to its new home because i had to make room for a Bally Bikini. This game had a feature that no other early 1950's bingo had. It gave the player a chance to win in line on both cards instead of the standard one card only pay off. The select a number feature by way of the metal control knob on the front of the machine made this game a fun player and gave a player many more chances at winning replays. Bally added a super card into the mix, which is also a nice feature to shoot for when your two larger cards are not helping you out. Its super line payout feature was icing on the cake if a player could score when it was lit. Over all just a beautiful looking/playing western theme bingo (which Bally really didn't make that many cowboy themed bingos). If you get a chance to pick one up don't pass it by! Another game I wish I kept for sentimental reasons.






Cha Ching!! _ How Cool is that!!