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Mr. Alan Marriage was kind enough to send me an email one day, which was Awesome!!


For years now I have seen many references to him on Phil’s site and in Phil’s email, so I was thrilled`


…and today (2019) I saw him acknowledged in Jeffery’s “The Bingo Pinball Wars” – Cool`


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Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 00:05:27 +0000

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Our route was based in Reno, NV. I worked it from 1981 to around 1995. The company was General Coin Machine, originally owned by Mel McGuire. I think Phil bought him out around 1975. There were a lot of these machines around Reno. They were in lots of Casinos & Bars. The other operators, I remember, were Nevada Novelty, J&J novelty, & Clyne, the Juke box man. Video games slowly took over because they could make more money and use less space. We always gripe about that because the Bingos were more a game of skill and required physical action. I guess people are lazier today!  Let me know of any other questions you might have. Phil Knows a lot more than me. He worked with gambling pinball all his life beginning with the one ball games, which he still enjoys.


Thanks ALAN



Smile Huge!!


_ Now Alan is clearly a Coin-Man with a Wonderful History _


I hope he writes in again one day with a bit more of the history he can share with us!!


Please check out his repair videos _ Great Value!!





Alan has contributed many many resources to Phil’s site and archives`


One of the reasons we have the rich detail we do today – Awesome`



Thank you Alan