BingoJoe and Keith Nickalo are friends:


Ø      Keith, Sounds like youve been keeping busy, I got kind of an interesting story on those Shoot A Lines. I cant remember if I told you about 4 SAL's still being used here in a bowling alley. A couple years ago I heard about them and stopped in there just to try them. They were very dirty and 3 of them had out of order signs on them, I bought $5 worth of credits at the bar and played the one that worked, I wasnt all that impressed and when I ran out of credits, I was done. Then last thursday a fella calls me wanting to sell 4 SAL's , guess what, its the same 4 I looked at at the bowling alley. He wanted $100 each, I offered him $100 for all four. He thought about it for a little while and called me back saying yes. These games have been in continuous service in this bowling alleys bar since 1969. I used to play pool in this place back in the early 70's but couldnt go in the bar (not till 76 anyway) so I never got to play them then. These games have got some miles on them, being in use for so long. Check out the grime on the playfield (attached pic)



I dont think they did any more than keep them running for the past 40 years. Later, Joe.







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