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2. Random Cocktail bar, Chinatown, San Francisco;


This features in my song Wrong Turn. I stumbled upon this place on my first trip overseas when I was 22. It’s tiny and only seems to be peopled by grumpy old Chinese men playing Bingo-Pinball machines. I’d never even heard of such machines. Unlike conventional Pinball machines they have holes in the playing field and you can win money or credits. I played them for a while and even won a few quarters. When I got home I fantasized about it for ages thinking maybe I’d just dreamed it up. When I went back years later I spent a whole day trying to find it. The only clue I had to go on was that it had a sign written on the awning that read ‘where good friends and girls meet’ which is funny because I’ve never seen a girl in there and couldn’t imagine any wanting to be in there especially if they wanted to meet someone.









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