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Responses from Bill Weaver 5/25/2005

Taking a stroll down memory lane. I was born in East St Louis UPTON-3-0211. Let's not forget, KXOX 630 radio's Johnny Rabbit live from Styx Bare and Fuller every Saturday morning, that was after a quick shopping trip to Gary's music shop at the old downtown bi-state bus station. Then the December Tornado of 1969, and of course Harry Carry when he announced for the Cardinals. Holiday Hills amusement park, and Chain of Rocks, the Highlands burnt down 1 year before I was old enough to ride the big coaster, but 10 cents and a nickel transfer got you from east St. Louis to the park on the bus. Lou Brock got a Dodger dealership in East St. Louis, and Curt Flood quit because he didn't want to be "Traded". No Casinos, but every malt shop had a Bingo pinball machine, for amusement only, of course. I'm 50 now and living in Houston Texas, but I was still able to sneak into the Grand Burlesque with my fake I.D. Thanks for the memories, and I hope you enjoyed some of mine.







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