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……Gord Pyatt Dec 1998……


I'm tying to find info on a type of pinball I used to play as a kid.

Late 60's East Coast of Canada

There were five balls, 25 holes arranged in order in 5 rows plus a return ball hole on the bottom of the sloped board. Each hole was guarded by a rubberized peg and was beveled so a ball could be redirected out of a hole if it hadn't come to rest. When a ball lodged in a hole it would light up the coresponding number on a 5 x 5  grid on the back glass.

The object of the game was to light 3 or more lights in a row on the back glass. The numbers were scrambled on the grid. It was a nickel a play and I think it paid out 4 credits for 3-in-a-line, 8 for 4-in-a-line and 16 for 5-in-a-line. You could pay extra nickels to increase the payout odds and or add features like the ability to move the numbers around on the screen to score more than once or to change the required numbers to make a line.

I spend many magic hours of my youth in a smokey bowling alley in New Brunswick playing these games and I have been coast to coast many times, I have never seen them anywhere else. Can anyone give me any info on these games?

Is there a name for this type of pinball? Are they collected? Anybody have one for sale?

Thanks Gord



~ Man, the late 60’s! – Gord could have been playing most anything even though this was the Era of the 20-Hole bingos ~









~ Gord’s post got responded to by Russ Jensen – Cool ~


















~ Late 60s, there were 1000s of the bingos up north in Canada – Would love to hear a bit more? ~



















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