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Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 02:05:44 GMT

Local: Sun,Nov 19 2000 9:05 pm

Subject: Bingo Machines


Interesting find - we were traveling bar to bar today looking for new places to play pinball in San Francisco, and we came across Club 93, @ 93 9th Street. A very traditional looking, wood floor, big, dark bar, generally aging clientele. Went in looking for pinball, and found three bingo machines.  A 1952 United Mfg. Co. Show Boat, and two 1955 Triple Play's.  25 cents each play, all in great condition. Show Boat had some peeling in the backglass, but the Triple Plays were great.  It was great to see these things still working, and on a location - in the perfect setting for them.








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