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David Taylor     Nov 28 2004, 7:33 am



From: "David Taylor" <spaminacan at internode dot on dot net> -

Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2004 23:33:33 +1100

Local: Sun,Nov 28 2004 7:33 am

Subject: OT: Rambling recollection of childhood bingo machines


Completely OT but my earliest coin-op memory (I'm only 37) is of a fairly seedy hamburger shop near where I lived that was full of bingo machines.
When I say "seedy", I mean that the awning out the front of the shop had "Hot Dogs" painted on it, but they scraped out the "D" and replaced it with
a "W" so that it read "Hot Wogs".  Ahh the days of the swinging 70s.


All I remember of bingos is the incessant clacking noises they made, and some guy placing a machine and pressing the buttons so that the winning
combos on the back glass slid around somehow.  I only remember this because it was next to a GottleibVolley.  I could never figure out how to play the
damn things, so I just thought they were piles of rubbish (what do you expect from a 6 year old).
































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