Bingo Pinballs

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~ Jerry wrote to me the other day and gave me this idea of posting players favorite games! ~


Jerry wrote:
"hi danny i see players asking you to recommend a pinball or bingo machine for them to get for home, in my humble opinion and I’ve played almost every pin made, from the early 50s penny arcade big time to the venice one of the last. my favorite machine of them all to play had to be the bounty, it had the super ok game, the magic number feature, were you get one number to shoot for, up to i think 130 games, it would select one random number you had to hit on the first ball only. it also had the 2 in  the blue feature. i would love to trade my circus queen for one, the super ok was a 64 ok game 120 in yellow 64 green 32 red with the yellow super section 3 scores as four on up. and yellow rollover lit. your friend spitter"




~ Thxs Spit ~



……I’ve always loved this photo – Just never knew what to do with it…….












~ What’s Your Favorite Bingo? ~



















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