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        Jeffrey Lawton    Jun 2 2001, 11:40 pm



From: "Jeffrey Lawton" <>

Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 03:40:47 GMT

Local: Sat,Jun 2 2001 11:40 pm

Subject: Re: Best 40s-60s Pinball BINGO game? Best representitive? etc


I like Lido & Bikini the best.  My reason is the Futurity Game feature.  On
Red Letter OK Score feature games you must play your Red Letter game as soon
as you win it.  On Bikini & Lido when you win on the OK Score feature you
advance the value of the Futurity Game.  In other words, you can hit
numerous "low odds" OK Score features and play one REALLY BIG Futurity Game.

Neat huh.


I describe this in my book in much more detail.  If I can answer any
questions, please feel free to write back.


Jeffrey Lawton
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