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Created on 9-11-2010 - Last Update 11-15-2015


If you have been following these pages, you have heard me refer to the “Lower-Deck” 2-Card games and this is the first of them I will cover, since I just made a post on the Miss Americana Triple Bonus bingos:




Clearly these have the same playfield as the Triples, and that is my main reason for stating that this is a Sirmo – Notice the position of the Main Card and Extra Card on this version of the bingo.


Now Phil has a page for a Miss Americana and a Miss Americana Triple Bonus and although there is a conflict there, I am wondering if this game is the “true” Miss Americana and the other two bingos are both Triple Bonus games as I alluded too. Check out the young-ladies on the playfield and backglass of this version of the game – They match-up quite nicely, exactly as if this is the backglass the playfield was designed for.



Now that just might be a really good guess, if you also consider Phil’s description of the Triple Bonus as “Miss Americana with a couple of extra odds steps” – This version of the game having six verses the nine on the Triples - Phil doesn’t make too many mistakes; I think he has the facts correct and the subtle-variation in the other two pins caused him to get the photos incorrect……


~ Based upon these few facts, I am declaring this bingo the first of the Sirmo Miss Americana’s and the official Miss Americana ~





Description Le vendeur assume l'entière responsabilité de la mise en vente de l'objet.    


Je vends un Bingo Miss Americana, il n'a plus de porte, ni de pieds, l'électronique SEMBLE complète, je ne l'ai pas testé.

Ik bverkoop een Miss Americana Bingo, er is geen deur meer, de elektonika LIJKT Compleet en ik heb het NIET getest.



~ Some day we will know more _ Check out those advancing odds arrows, little parasols, laugh ~







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