Bingo Pinballs

Created on 10-10-2015 _ Last Update 6-7-2017


OK for the average player, most of the Bally manuals were useless, but in very few cases some were not - If your manual says

“Confidential: Do Not Leave Instructions In Game” on the front - Likely, you got Lucky!


A few of these C-Manuals were special and helped explain the games features and operations as well as how to make some of the

machine adjustments and the Palm Beach Manual is a great example!



As you probably know very few of the Bally manuals have any detail on the game features because they were really targeted for the

operators and maintenance guys - Bally pretty much left the players to their own devices.


As a player, if you wanted to know more about most of these games, the only real source of information was the player Score and

Instruction Cards. The Flyers and Press Releases only went out to a selected few and you never saw a manual.


Now check out the detail in these "Super Secret" manuals, the very reason Bally tried to lock these babies down!


Manual pages 3, 4, and 5 provided some nice detail for understanding the game:





The real treasure: Bally absolutely wanted to hide the fact that the operators could adjust many of the machines.

Stuff like Palm Beach here, where the maximum payouts on the Super Cards could-and-would be controlled.



~ OK, check out that Pg number ~




Keith pointed this “oddity” out to me one day, while were chatting about “what the cabinet serial numbers might mean”, musing

just how much there is about Bally’s numbering systems we do not really know. Likely the documentation on these machines was

excellent and Bally only doled out what they thought we really needed – Thank God, Phil came along!














Truth be told, the United Manuals are about a 100 times better!


…but although said, admittedly all the manuals are a wonderful source for Clues and Information about the games, especially for the Hunters!!