Created on 07-25-2020



In 1958 Bally releases the first of their Magic Screen games, which changes things forever` Now,

along with In-Line scoring the Bingos offer Out-O’-Line scoring too`


They don’t let you move the numbers any more, but instead provide different screens with colored areas

on them that you can move for Section Scoring`


..and Man`do these things take off and become the favorite of many players`


You start hearing people taking about the Blue Section and the Orange Section - etc`


in blue DPB.jpg


Well still ever-popular, 22-years later they release a final Magic Screen game ~ Malibu Beach`

Which we can use as a good example to explain Section Scoring`...above is a 3-in-Blue win`








Scores 5-in-Line, now that is Awesome`


You still can try for Extra Balls and the Green 5-in-Line odss can ratchet up to 600`


in blue DPB.jpg1.jpg









…definitely a Cool feature and a nice little win on this shopped-out Malibu`