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_ Snap-shot - Splin’s June 2010 Webpage _


Bingo machine manufacturing to the firm’s range of activities:


The establishment of import, export and distribution has also helped make Splin what it is today. The company delivers the products of TAB-AUSTRIA, NSM, COMESTERO, GEVIN, LEMNA GROUP , and BANDAI. The bingo game manufacturing side of the business is flourishing at the moment. " Our market is mainly Belgium, " said Managing Director Guy Gonissen, " but we are doing good business with bingo machines in Italy and the US as well. "


Splin is now looking to the emerging markets and exports used gaming machines for to Africa, South America and eastern Europe.


The management structure at Splin sees Mr. Dupuis  as the owner of the company and head of research and development for bingo machine manufacture. Mr. Gonissen is in charge of sales and management, while Mr. Denis overlooks international sales.


At its Liège headquarters, Splin handles R&D and the creation of components for the bingo machines. The final assembly of the machines also takes place there. There are 35 people employed in sales and manufacture at the plant and another 60 in various roles outside.


Each bingo machine consists of over 1000 different components and the company has the capacity to produce up to 400 games per month. Involved in the progress are eight research and development people and eight engineers, plus one technician who spends all his time on the road looking after customers. "Bingo machines have existed for 50 years in Belgium and there is no reason to believe they will not be around for the next 50." said Mr. Denis.


Splin S.A.

Rue du Gay Village 12A

B-4020 Liege, Belgium

Tel.:32(0)4 362.76.77 -





While surfing yesterday I found the older promotion (below) for their Bingos mentioning Tetra as the Fabricant _ Mr. Gonissen was kind enough to write to me and explain that this was their old-manufacturing-arm ended in 1995


Mr. Gonissen was proud to add that Splin manufactures their own machines and has always been their own Manufacturer/Wholesaler.



Pretty Cool they emailed me!!


As to Splin's Michigan Bingo, the few pictures I have are still the only Michigan picture posted on the Internet - Yikes!


michigan - III

…Note the upper-corners: Splin and Made-in-Belgium…



From: Guy Gonissen <>
Subject: Re: Golden Turf Bingo
To: "Danny Leach" <>
Date: Tuesday, June 22, 2010, 5:01 AM

Dear Mr. Leach,


In reply to your e-mail, I am pleased to inform you that we have one "GOLDEN TURF" machine here. This is probably the last version of this type of machine as it is very old !


We can propose you this used machine in working order at 1.500,- US$ ex-works Liège, Belgium.


Should you need a new machine, we can propose you the "FLIPPERINO" (picture enclosed). Is is quite the same type of machine. The headglass is in Italian and the machine is equipped with flippers. We can propose it at 3.500,- US$ ex-works Liège, Belgium.


I took this opportunity to have a look on your website and especially on the company details mentioned for our company. We found some things which changed and which we would be grateful to you, if possible, to modify.


Our website and e-mail address are : -


The MICHIGAN is a machine which is not manufactured anymore. Here enclosed, you will find the brochures of the "MONTANA DE LUXE" our very last model. The "FLIPPERINO" could also be displayed.


At least, WE manufacture our own machines. TETRA was the name of our previous manufacturing department and does not exist anymore under this name since 1995. We are and have always been manufacturer and wholesaler.


Looking forward to hearing from you, we remain at your entire disposal for any further information yo may need.


Best regards.















































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