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Created 04-18-2014


Dave was kind enough to wrote in with some great photos of Sirmo’s Magic Screen


He was very interested in this first photos and had some questions about everything, smile`


…the Tel In and Tel Out meters are for games taken and placed on the machine using the remote Telex phone system`


What really caught my eye was the labeling of the keypad connectors” “J Keyboard” and “J.Electr.Key


?? We have picture of the keypad and are familiar with it, but what about this RS-232 J.KEY connection ??



Here is the PCB1003 with nice details of the chip set`



These pictures are huge, much larger than shown here`…here is part of the chip set blown up`


A picture containing text, electronics, circuit

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It is my guess that the computer board below with AMD processor is likely for the video`



Here is the keypad controller`




_ Excellent Detail _


_ Thank you Dave _










This .pdf has some great detail on the internals of Magic Screen


It is interesting to note that the boards are not simply “PCB” part numbers, but are referred to as “PPCBs”