Bingo Pinballs

Cfreated on 7-18-2010 - Last Update 12-31-2015


~ Bally’s Magic Pockets ~


So, you’re working at Bally and you never sleep, you want to impress the boss, you’re designing bingos left-and-right, you

already brought mechanical movement to the cards so the players can push the numbers around, so what do you do next!


Well, you play a couple of games on the HiFi to kill time and realize “Wow! I can take the Bump feature to a whole new level”

and you go ahead a whip up a “Ball Transfer and Switch Means” that the Sales Guys are going to spin into a new set of pins,

they’ll call Magic Pockets, to sell to the masses……………


Done! So, what do you do with it………….Well, you stuff it in a Magic Line games and call the new bingos Gayety and Gay Time

and they’ll become “player favorites” for years to come – These are just fun Bingos!



The players are plugging a few more nickels in these things, because they are now engaged at two-levels, the

playfield and the backglass and the new gizmo is plain fun to energize and watch……….



~ Quite the Combo! ~


It’s been a while since I had my Gay Time (25-years +) but if I remember right: You had to make 1 of the first 3

balls you shot out drop in any of the number one through seven holes after starting the game. Once you had one

of the balls in any of the top row numbers one through seven then, I think it's was after the 2nd or 3rd ball shot

 out, the Magic Pocket feature on the backglass would flash on and off and at that point, if you have any of top row

numbers (one through seven) then you would be able to move the ball back-and-forth from hole-to-hole……..


_ Vic Recalls _





















Phil’s link with a great little pop-up, just position your cursor (mouse) over the Magic Pocket link for detail on this feature:






~ Phil’s site Rocks ~









~ A new name = Charles G. Troeller ~















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