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Created on 7-16-2015 - Last Update 1-01-2016


~ Magic Line Games ~


Bally made 4 “varieties” of the Magic line games starting with Variety in 1954, where the player could move the left three rows on the Main Card (the 1954 bingos all had nine number Super Cards) up-and-down vertically if this feature was enabled.


Big Time followed and Bally extended the Magic Line feature to all five rows of numbers, still allowing vertical movement.


In 1957 Bally brought this feature back out for the 2-Card Miss America games and the movement was changed to the horizontal direction, where you were allowed to move numbers back-n-forth between the two cards that were continently stationed side-by-side,


(a Don Hooker idea that is still used today on the newer Sirmo games – The latest being Brooklyn, which is a Rock’in bingo)


 Finally Galaxy came out in 1978 and Bally moved back to the vertical movement, where the player is allowed to move two rows at a time on that very unique 4x6 row bingo. The movement was restricted to up-or-down one position, but if enabled it even allowed movement after the 5th ball which is pretty cool – Galaxy is a great bingo if you’re deciding what pins you would like.



~ The 3-line movement games like Gayety involved the simplest mechanics ~


~ My Big Time show that the 5-line games used the same concept ~


~ This Miss America 75 shows the movement on the more complicated 2-Card games ~


~ This Galaxy photo shows the mechanics had improved to handle the 2-line movements ~


I have owned Big Time and played Gay Time and they are both great bingos. I really miss my Big Time and having a game with the Magic Lines feature. I have had a couple of emails from Galaxy players and they love the game. As you have read on both Phil’s site and mine, the Miss America games were so popular overseas, that they were copied, cloned, and reconditioned for years to keep them alive, due to their great player appeal.


These are all fun games and truly started the trend toward the other types of mechanical cards.




~ One final treat here from Don Hooker – The Man! ~



~ Flip this image 90-degress clockwise – That’s the Miss America movement ~