Bingo Pinballs

Created on 03-06-2016 – Last update 08-29-2016



I posted this in the Unknowns and Gerald just commented with a really Cool little note, with the thought that it is likely a “kit”,


100% sure, NOT TSCC !!!

By looking the playfield, and the position of the ABCDE grid, this
machine is "more than probably" an upgrade kit for Miss Bonus or Super
Bonus from WIMI






I have had this picture in my files since 2010, which means it’s still around somewhere.


His reference to TSCC is my wondering if this was one of theirs, don’t know what I was thinking, clearly that is a Miss America playfield, so….


Coy’s note not only gives legitimacy to this Gal, but also to Miss Bonus and Miss Super Bonus




Now, you “gotta wonder what the upgrade is?”




















_ Sweet _