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1952 Long Beach


The first-and-only Bingo from Williams and not only rare, but somewhat of a crossover too`


Dan at the Pacific Pinball Museum has been kind enough to reach out to Phil and myself with some nice photos`

Phil has since posted some wonderful internals and extras – Nice`






The cabinet seriously close in stature to Bally’s Bright Spot


The playfield layout has similar artwork to Bally’s Atlantic City


The backglass figures are very close to Bally’s Coney Island


United’s Lyn Durant used to work here and is close friends with Harry Williams


A set of modules and features we will later see United use`


The coin shoot`…The ball plunger`


Yep, a little bit of a crossover`




This post is from Russ’s old site that is now defunct, but I wanted to post it again since I found a few

pictures today, buried on Raymond Watt’s site to accompany it. Raymond’s site is multi-layered

and you have to dig around some, but it’s always worth the time…
An Interview between Russ Jensen and Harry Williams of Williams Pinball. Where they touch on Bingos, Harry is asked why the Williams Bingo circuitry is so much different then Bally's. Here He replies: "Since Lyn Durant was a good circuit designer he probably thought his method was better than Bally's."


~ You gotta love that! ~





 Raymond’s Archive


~ Just so you know: All 4 of the IPDB photos should be credited to Mr. Watts ~






1,2,3,4,5,6 - etc















~ Billboard Magazine Aug 9th 1952 ~




Long Beach has a “Carry-Over” feature on this game that is pretty Cool.

Each time the ball makes it down to the Return Ball Pocket, the next Top Arrow triggers`

You then walk across the top of the backglass left-to-right to trigger the Cards Score Double feature on each of the cards.

Now this was done one card at a time and would carry over from game-to-game, until all three cards were enabled and all three cards scored.


So, card one would stay enabled with the double score win for game after game,

while the arrows worked to trigger the other two cards or until you hit a payout on it…etc.    


…Pretty Cool…