Bingo Pinballs

Created on 12-29-2015 _ Last Update 02-22-2016




  1976 and Bally pushed this Girl out _ Next to the last of the Bally Miss America Bingos!


Squeezed in!


…and the first of the Lower-Deck bingos _ kind of reminiscent of their Palm Beach with the Advancing Odds stacked up top!


…but why, what is the advantage: Electrical, Mechanical, Art _ A Whimsy _ Why?


Deluxe followed right on her heels and went right back to the Top-Deck format!









OK, here is why I started this page _ I first spotted this in Belgium in 2009



She is not 1-to-1 with anything I can find and she packs a lot of features left, right, upstairs, and downstairs _ laugh!



Then you toss in MissN and you have to start wondering what’s up, laugh, with these machines!







G.A.A. Miss Nevada

Miss Americana - Photo Archive





























_ stay tuned _