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Sirmo Louisiana is listed as a 1984 pin and 26 years is a long time to wait for hardware and only a backglass at that – Yikes!




These backglasses appear to be clear, I assume that they had extra backing in the machines themselves – Nascent!







~ Equally Bizarre – Check out the flyers Pg 2 ~







Louisiana Cab Info



De verkoper neemt de volledige verantwoordelijkheid voor het aanbieden van dit object.

    Voyez aussi nos autres ventes de machine a sous. Vitre de bingo 6 cartes Louisiana, mais ce qui est interessant est le système placé autour de cette vitre.

     Un cadre en metal (voir photo dans lequel se trouve 2 éclairages au néon (d'ailleurs un est à remplacer). Très pratique et évidemment magnifique une fois  fixé au mur car la vitre donne un éclairage superbe. La vitre est fixé simplement avec du silicone, donc en passant avec une lame entre la vitre et le cadre elle  s'enlevera dans le cas ou vous comptez y mettre votre vitre favorite. la dimension de la vitre est de 60 x 83,5 cm. et la marge de securité du cadre au cas ou  vous voulez placé une autre vitre est d'au moins 1 cm, donc avec une vitre de 59 x 82 cm il n'y aurait pas de problème pour la fixer avec du silicone au cadre. Même avec une seule dimension cela ira aussi (longueur ou largeur) et le reste vous devriez le couvrir avec une feuille de plastique noir par exemple. L'epaisseur  du cadre est de 10cm. Livré par federal express avec assurance ou par transport privé à vos frais ou enlévement à notre bureau sur bruxelles (Uccle). Important, (dans les 5 jours qui suivent la fin de la vente). Pour la france voyez nos tarifs de transport express plus bas. Bruxelles se situe a moins de 100 km de valenciennes et 75km de Maubeuge, donc si vous habitez aussi dans le nord de la france nous vous conseillons de venir enlever l'objet à notre bureau. Impossible par la poste car trop fragile.





Ole south and Louisiana manuals


thechurchofthesilverb...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

hi. just picked up a Sirmo bingo. The head and body don’t match, I figured that before i bought it, but the price was good. does anyone have a

source for technical info on these units? it is in very nice shape. It uses the same crappy data sentry battery as Gottlieb.  :-) Interesting

hardware. i need to convert it to 110v.  i may just replace the transformer, it would be simpler.

What game do you have?  I have a couple of New Orleans games, one that doesn't power up and one that boots but doesn't seem to play.
I managed to contact someone at Sirmo in Belgium who tried to help me out.  They didn't have any info on New Orleans, but he scanned the service manual

for Louisiana for me and sent me a pdf.  He said these used the same board set. The Louisiana pdf is on my webiste if you want a copy. It is in French, but the

schematics have mostly english text, though they use different terms for voltage (pressure) and such.

I was lucky enough to later find an english manual and schematics for New Orleans on eBay, along with a full set of boards (all for $12!). I haven't had

a chance to do anything with the games sicnce getting the paperwork.  My experience was all EM when I got these games and Clay obviusly does not

have a Sirmo repair guide so I didn't get too far.  I was able to get into test mode but had a hard time interpreting some of what was going on.  I'm

hoping to find some time to look at these again now that I've done a lot of SS work, but they're not high on my list of priorities.

Steve Yates

thanks all. Steve, thanks for the manual download. my game has two backglasses, so im not sure which is the original one. Start Continental

and Bingo Continental. The layout is identical, just the name different.





Adding in the detail from my 2016 Addendum page - 2020`


Now what is up with the background on this backglass!





 Kind of sparse I’d say, since an addendum is suppose to share some significant – smile`




Louisiana Service Manual Cover - Sirmo.png




~ I have down loaded the manual if anyone wants it – Huge ~





_ Now check out the date of that manual _


Phil list Louisiana as a 1984 bingo, Louisiana 2001 as a 2001 bingo, and this year finds Louisiana 2001 on Sirmo’s list of USA Exports!


 – I am betting that 2003 was when they started releasing these bingos abroad -


~ Le Manuel is in French ~








In 2010 Ben asks about the Epprom Code on these and gets told it’s not available – Not true folks`


Tech: Sirmo Louisiana - Google Groups › topic ›


Some of the foreign solid state bingos came with a factory code known only to the buyer. If that code is not passed on to the next owner, it may be impossible to



That is one of the great things about the guys programming the computer simulation games out here, they use the code`


Louisiana - Undumped - EMULAB › undumped › title=Louisiana


Jan 7, 2015 - Louisiana. Developer(s), Sirmo. Release date(s), 1984. Genre(s). Mode(s). Platform(s). Arcade system(s), Bingo Hardware ...




















We had a chance to have a picture of this, but the moron on pinside posted a craigslist link, not a picture`

Yeah, like those links last forever – Idiot`




































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