Bingo Pinballs

Created on 6-18-2010 _ Last update 11-01-2016


~ The score cards on this 1961 Lite-a-line PF shows us this bingo was altered to be a Single-Coin game ~




~ This game clearly has some miles on it – Look at those bright circle areas around the bumper-posts ~



It looks like this mod worked to the players advantage. On the Lite-a-Lines from the Bally factory, the first three coins lit the

first three cards and the remaining cards were lit on a Mystery Interval, where you might have to put in 10-12 or more nickels

to enable them. By the usage on this guy, I would guess that this mod was performed somewhere toward the end of the decade

or later when quarter-play was starting to become more accepted and the pressure of the law was getting harder-and-harder on the

multi-coin games. Now whoever did this mod knew what they were doing, you have to rewire at least three modules to get this to

work, or you had to disable a few features – It’s interesting that they got rid of the original score cards altogether.



It’s hard to read, but that card on the left is titled “Skill Scores” and appears to wipe out the higher odds and instead, locks down

the maximum payoffs to much lower numbers and fixes all cards to the same potential winnings.



~ The knew what they were doing and they pretty much gutted the normal operation of this bingo ~



~ Interesting! ~