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You’d be surprised just how many odd things are out here on the net if you look!


Bingo Related Sites



Callard's Bingo +

Backglasses - Phil Hooper's Page

Bally Manuals & Schematics

Bingo Pinball Machines For Sale: GameRoomAntiques


Hi-Fi for Sale - Probably out dated!

Russ Jensen's - Inside Your Bingo

Bingo Pinball Machines 4 Sale: GameRoomAntiques

Repair EM Electro Mechanical Arcade Games - Part 1

Russ Jensen

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 Sands Museum Mechanisms: Bingo Magic Screen

Phil Hooper's - Vic Camp Site

Bingo Fix - ETEonline

Sands Meseum Mechanisms: Credit Unit Mechanism

Daina's Pinball Auction Results

Brad also repairs Bingo - Big E Antique Service


Mismatch Sites

Toyko Pinball Organization - History

CYE Bingos & Suff

Google Search:

Game Plan Pinball Message Board

Mr. Pinball Classifieds

Mr. Pinball Classified: Pinball Parts For Sale: All Entries

Bingo's Older Brother -  Ritz

EM Repair Stuff

Mr. Pinball Repair Tip Archive: Electromechanical Tips

Vintage Pinball Buying Tips

PINBALL Head Quarters - Marvin appears to be a Wedgehead

A Pinball Bibliography