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The Doctor is in Mexico….

Jeffrey Lawton, Cincinnati OH


I love to play bingo pinball (surprise), and once in a while I even win. I have this Bally
Acapulco in my collection and I have been working on it off and on for the last two
years. So far, I have fixed the game electrically, repaired the cabinet, hauled the game to
Expo '99 for exhibit, and played it, mostly losing my butt.




You see my wife is the real player in the family. Oh sure, I make them work, but she makes them cry for mercy when she plays. Well, I got justice on Acapulco ! I'm playing a big game. I've got ABC Magic Numbers lit and selection Before 5th Ball. Red and Green Score values are at 128/256/480/960, Yellow Score value is 32/96/200/384. I also have Magic Line “E” lit which allows me to score Super Score on one of the five horizontal lines and I can wait to select the desired line until before I shoot the
4th ball.

So I make the “6”, “12”, and “22” on my first three balls. I select the Red horizontal line
one up from the bottom of the number display for Super Score. That means I have values
of 256/480/960 for 3-in-line, 4-in-line and 5-in-line. Okay, I shoot the fourth ball
and make the “11”. I can't move the “22” or the “11” since Magic Number D is not lit but
they give me a shot for the “13” for a Yellow regular 3-in-line win chance. I set Magic
Number B so that “8” wins Red Super Score 3-in-line. I leave the Magic Number C
alone which has the numbers “21” and “20” filling the Red Super Score horizontal line. I
shoot the 5 th ball and make the 8. Now I've got a 256-replay winner, which I collect. I
try for an extra ball and make the “20”. Now the “21” is worth 960 replays! I try for,
and get, the second extra ball, and I make the”13” for a Yellow regular 3-in-line win. 32
more replays. Now the “21” is worth 960 replays for the Red Super 5-in-line and 96
replays for the Yellow regular 4-in-line. “That's over 1000 replays for a single number!
“I've got to go for that third extra ball!”
My BIG win
My nice score


I did get the third extra ball after betting a fairly large number of replays, and I shot the ball, bringing it home to shoot again. So many times, I end these stories on a sad note about just missing that big opportunity. BUT NOT THIS TIME!


I dropped the “21” like a pro! Sometimes even a blind squirrel can find it's way across the street, and the Doctor, yours truly, had 1038 replays left after collecting the double win. I continued to play and pushed my total to over 1300 replays before quitting but I'll never forget dropping that "21" in a clutch situation.











































































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