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In June of 2010, I wrote to Federico and asked him about the Flipperino Bingo I saw on his website _ He kindly wrote back and shared a little bit of insight on the gambling laws in Italy, which I wanted to get posted _ It seems that most every country has struggled with the law as we did here in America.


It’s really too bad, I am sure that we would have seen many other games designed and released, what a shame so many governments cracked down on the industry with legislation outright outlawing the games or simply taxing them out of business.




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I see you've been faster than me in searching more infos :-)

Actually, I also have flyers for these bingos, somewhere...

By the way, here in Italy have the most strange gaming laws, and they are  ever  changing.  So,  in  2007, it was possible to operate video slots,  and also mechanical games, like flipper pinballs. Bingos were forbidden,  or  had to pay the same tax as video slots. Someone bring back the old idea to fit bingos with flippers, so they are similar to real pinballs, and pay the low pinball tax instead of the one reserved to gambling games.

Nowadays,  laws  and  rules  are  changed  again,  so it would not be possible to make bingo with flippers like this one :-)

Federico Croci





~ We now know that Flipperino is one of the many wonderful Splin Bingos ~













Good day Mr. Croci - Buon pomeriggio!

Can you please help identify who makes these two bingo machines and if they also make any others: