Bingo Pinballs

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…years-and-years ago I met Spitter and immediately knew I “had just met the best bingo player” I had ever seen`

Whether the Bingo has woodrails, spider legs, or a hopper, Jerry can beat the game – Machines he’s never played before`




My Buddy Jerry Kaczmarek



Monday March 24th, 2008


Dear Danny, I’ve finally found you, it’s me Spitten Jerry, I wanted to let you know that I have been written up twice by the Times Picayune now, by Angus Lynd ...editor...for being a pro pinball player. As you know, I was barred out of Vegas in 1981 when they went from nickels to quarters. Also barred from Mississippi and Louisiana. I’m in Griffins black book in Vegas he never thought you could win without cheating like I did. I made a small fortune in Las Vegas playing them they had progressive jackpots on them if you made the 16, 13, 21, with the odds at 120 in green you hit it. Don Laughlin knew about me when I worked for him so he bought me a Circus Queen it’s in my front room send your address and ill send a picture of it.


Thanks, Spitten Jerry. almost no one knows what they are anymore?

Now how Cool is that, Spit out looking for the Bingos and a chance to share some real history`


…here’s a quick follow-up`


Spitten Jerry was my nickname in New Orleans and Las Vegas my lic. plates had “Saliva” on them.

In Vegas, Don Laughlin owns the Riverside Hotel and casino. He started the city of Laughlin Nevada.


PS_As soon as I can get my scanner to work, I’ll send you a picture of the Circus Queen he gave me. Thanks, Spit




~ 5-in-Line on the Highest Odds – Awesome! ~


…as we continued to catch up`


Yes, also South Carolina that’s Biloxi, Charleston, New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Shreveport. In Las Vegas the entire city my picture up in every place that had pins. I have a payout hopper on my machine. I also wanted to ask you about building a web site for gambling info for free I’ve been in that business my whole life 39 years experience. There is almost nothing about all forms of gaming I don’t know and that is the truth.


Thanks Danny.




Now the Times Picayune is New Orleans’s main newspaper and so no wonder they covered the Bingos`

A gambling city connected-up and running games – I will post a page or two on them one day`


Circus Queen is a Magic Screen game and most people play a good number of coins to enable the various screens, to increase

their options and give them In-Line and Out-of-Line scoring options – etc – Check that game above closely!


Jerry doesn’t even bother, he just tosses in one coin and kicks-butt with a 600-to-1 payoff`

No Extra Balls – No Screen or Numbers Movement – 5 right in the pocket bingo shots.


That’s pure folks! – Skill Shots – Talent!





You will see Jerry all over this site, his memory of the games is fantastic,

In my Articles Section, you can read a couple newspaper articles on him too`


Spit, maybe the greatest player of all times`