Russ Jensen was kind enough to connect me with Mr. Raphael Lankar and I am very glad he did. Raphael is very involved with coin-op

games and machines and as you will see on his website, he is a very knowledgeable and giving historian.


Öa mentor and friend and I am happy to share his expertise with you here on my webpages when I can`


Not only has Mr. Lankar mailed me a wonderful set of Sirmo/Seeban flyers and a couple of great CDs full of pictures,

but he has also kindly given me permission to include him on my site and share with you want I wish.


Raphael has an email link on his site and when ever I find an old flyer or seldom seen good-ie, I send them his way.

So donít be afraid to contact him and help build his museum and/or contact him to chat. He is an avid collector and is

frequently in the states, down Las Vegas way.


Here are a couple of the rarer Bingo goodies he has shared`





















Thank you Sir

























 Created on 10-23-2016