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Created on 08-22-2015


OK, Andrew sent me (3) photos in this email and they were labeled 74, 79, and 82 _ Laugh,


?? So what have we Missed ??



Andrew Mather


Aug 17 at 3:50 AM


To Danny Leach


Hi Danny


Still enjoying your site and I try to contribute in a small way as gratitude for all the work you do and to encourage other to pump out information.



The article you have named Carnival Queen Stepper Instructions.

You were wondering what the card is about, its setting the zero position switch for the magic screen, I have attached a photo of the card, not the best condition card but it is readable. A lot easier than reading the one you have.


The article titled Dedis Fun Machines.

You were correct in thinking it was from an Australian Forum with "baseball machines".

I brought a Cypress Gardens BG and the guy gave me a Dedis Fun Machines BG as an extra. I asked him what it was about and he said along the lines that when the cops came around, Cypress Gardens or Beach Time was on their bad boy list but Dedis wasn't so it could stay.


The top LH corner logo is a reflection. The BG seems to suit Beach Time with the F line. The replays across the bottom though have me stumped.


The article you have named Carnival Queen Coin Boxes/Doors

My Cypress Gardens still has what looks to be the same coin box and had the armouring (now removed). as in your photo.

I can send a close up of that if you want.

 Is that one from Oz?


I have also attached a photo of my Carnival Queen, just for interest, this one has the playfield painted red. The colour actually looks good but not as good as original. My CQ has wooden legs but the fliers of it have steel legs. I know Cypress Gardens and Beach Time came out with wooden legs and many photo on the web show wooden legs (like Phils Bingo site).


 They may of been retro fitted though.


Does anyone know when the actual change occurred?


Thanks for you site and I hope this is of interest to you.


Cheers from Oz


Andrew Mather












~ Very Cool ~


Thank you Andrew!!