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Well, Alberto writes in from Italy with several wonderful questions, that all kind of revolve about: How do I play the Bingos!



Danny Leach

Mar 17, 2011


Hi Alberto,


On the early bingos the manuals didn't really explain how to play the games _ For the most part, you had to rely on the information on the Score Cards _ The "player cards" at the bottom of the playfield.


Phil has most all of the Manuals and Score Cards posted on his website:


On the left side of his page choose "game listing" then scroll through the list and choose the bingo you are interested in...... Next to the bingo name, you will see he also tells you what type of bingo each game is: For example, Bikini is a Magic Screen game.


Once you choose a bingo just left-mouse click on the name and go to the page for that machine. On the right side of the page are the bingo "Resources" and you can look at the Manual and the "S/I" cards by clicking on them.


A lot of times the S/I Cards do not always explain everything perfectly, so on my site I provide extra "game play" detail.....


Under my "Misc Bingo Links" section _ I explain most of the features like the "Magic Screen" games - etc.


Then under the game page I made for most of the machines, I often explain how to play the bingos and/or what is unique about each bingo....


You will see that I have not made a page for the Bikini machine _ That is true because I already covered the Magic Screen games elsewhere _ Like on the Sea Island - etc, so sometimes you need to look at a similar bingo.


I hope this helps _ Please feel free to write me with specific questions on your machine......






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Dear Danny,


where can I find the rules of any bingo pinball? For example, the rules of beach club? There is  a manual? Thanks


Alberto Diaco



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Dear Alberto,


Nice to hear from you,


If you are using the bingo pinball for private home use, I am sure that you do not need to worry about the patents.


If you are using the bingo pinball for your business, offering it as an amusement device for your customers to play, I do not think you need to worry about the patents. For business use, I think you only need to comply with local gambling laws.


As long as you are using the pinball as a pinball, you do not need to worry about patents.


I think the patent rules only apply to the technology, only apply if you plan on using parts of the bingo pinball for another machine or another purpose. In other words: If you are going to build another device using pieces of a bingo pinball, then yes, you need to worry about the patents.


Although said, this does not apply to any of the American made machines _ The Bally or the United bingo pinballs. Those companies are all out of business now and have been for more than 20 years, so patents do not apply.


For the newer European made machines, then the company who made your bingo would own all of the patents. Most all of the companies are still in operation and are on the Internet:


Sirmo, Wimi, and Splin make most of the games:


If you tell me the name of your bingo pinball, I can be more specific,


I hope this is helpful,


Best regards,






From: Alberto Romano <alsamurai@>


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Dear Danny,


there is a patent for the bingo pinball? you know any company that sells or assigns the patent license to use? Thanks


Alberto Diaco























_ good questions, especially if these are outlawed in your area and/or you have a bit of exposure _