Bingo Pinballs

Created on 07-13-2010


~ Ohio’s Mr. Keith Nickalo ~


One day I opened up my bingopinball email account and found a few emails from Keith and I was pleasantly surprised to find he followed my site and is an avid bingo pinball fan – Keith and I started corresponding and I was soon to learn that he was a “True Binger” in every since of the phrase, not only collecting and playing the games, but willing to dive in the back of one to see how they work, fix them, and modify them to work both better and differently as reqd. Awesome!


Soon (in a couple of emails, laugh) I realized that he knew much more about these machines than I do and I even told him “he should be writing these pages not me” _ laugh _ I so glad I met Keith, he has been a good friend and has really helped me create many of these page, being friendly and open, providing a ton of material and corrections.


_ Don’t be afraid to contact him, he is a wonderful friend of the Bingos _



Mr. Nickalo’s collection is always changing, but here are a few pics he sent me when we first met that helps show off “his Office” downstairs:







~ His shop outback – July 11th 2010 ~





_ A couple of years ago here, Keith starting posting his own “technical” webpages and a lot of video _ Very Cool _


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