Bingo Pinballs

 Created on 10-23-2016



Keith Nickalo hails from Ohio and has been a wonderful friend, mentor, and author of these pages`


Here is Keith in 2011 with two great Magic Screen bingos he built up for his father – Cool`


Keith 2011


Mr. Nickalo is one of my Bingo Heroes and a “True Binger” in every-sense-of-the-word!


You will see Keith’s influence all over my pages and “you haven’t seen nothing yet”

I have some great stuff from Keith still needing processed!




Ohio Bingos  ...a Revolving Collection`








…bringing some of these links together will also help me stay organized on his contributions, smile`




Bingo pinballs in America, the Ohio Valley


















Thank you Keith





…I really appreciate all of your interest and contribution here`