For years I tried to follow and track these guys, a bit elusive and I am still not too sure of

Which ganmes they made and/or sold, but these guys are definite players and Mr. Gille has deep-roots with the Bingos`


JGC - The Link


…my March 2003 email,


"Veerle Joseph" <>

03/19/2003 08:49 AM


cc: "Johnny Gille" <>, (bcc: Dan C Leach/COR/Celestica)

Subject: Price offer


Dear Danny,


Following your telephone conversation with Johnny on Monday the 17th of March, we are pleased to pass you the following information:

Our best price offer:


* bingo Copacobana   'As New'             1.500,00 € / piece excl. VAT.

* bingo Carioca           'As New'             1.500,00 € / piece excl. VAT


Please note that this is a quantity price offer. Regarding the shipment we can not give you any specifics yet. The price of the shipment is depending on the ordered quantity, the way of shipping (vessel, plane…) and the method the machines are packed (container, pallets,…).


A fee for packaging will be charged depending on the method of shipment. Hoping to have served you with this information, we remain, dear Danny,


With Best Regards


For: Johnny Gille




Veerle Joseph



nv John Gille Co

Langendijkstraat 12


Tel.   +32 (0)89/62.03.00

Fax. +32 (0)89/61.33.81


Flyers are courtesy of Veerle at JGC – Thank you Dear`


These people were so nice, they answered my email very quickly and even called one day to check in on me. During the call they really recommended that we

start with the Carioca; not only easier to learn and understand, but easily upgradable with a kit :)


Great website and since at the time of this posting they do not label anything as “copyright” protected:


A new bingo-world opens up with the Triple Seven`


six different games in one machine

the variety of games is attractive to a broad public

the central TFT screen allows interaction and overview

the Triple Seven is adapted to the JGC house style


The “JGC house style” – Well ya gotta admit babe – that’s style!!


















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