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~ Spitter Hits It Big – Laguna Beach Wins ~


Mr. Kaczmarek (Jerry) found me a couple of years ago and has quite a history as a Known Player of the bingos – At first I thought he was “full-of-it” until he sent me New Orleans newspaper articles to back up some of his fantastic stories. I can’t wait to get this scanner of mine working, so I can share them with you. I also have a couple of really cool pictures from him too, so stay tuned:




Jerry recently found me again on Facebook and sent in this history:


danny, thinking back to the biggest wins i ever had, i remember hitting the progressive jackpots on the 2 laguna beaches at boodles lounge on charleston blvd practically back-to-back over two consectutive days. one wed - one thur – for 750 one day and 780 the next day. the next time i went to boodles, larry the bartender showed me my pic and message they had posted in the back room to call griffin detective ageny next time i came in and that was the beginning of the end of the payoff pins in vegas. this was 1980. your friend spitter. p.s. my son sent me a copy of the newspaper article written in 1973 – i’ll also pass on to you .spit




Now knowing the maximum payout of the Lagunas is 600 – I questioned this email and received this reply:


Jerry Spitter July 11 at 2:27am

danny,that was 750 dollars and 780 dollars one thousand five hundred and thirty dollars in 2 days.i hit the 16,13,21,with the odds at 120 on the green that was the progressive jackpots on many machines around las vegas,this was at boodles lounge on charleston ave.most replays went to 899 on the 25 holes and 1999 on the 20 holers.i probably hit 20 thousand dollars in progressives at least all total,the keg room had a dime machine that a red lite would blink when the e lit up then youd put in a quarter and get a shot at the progrossive jackpot the highest it ever got was 278 dollars which i hit you had to make the 1,17,20,to get the jackpot.alan wooly of wooley productions called me yesterday to see if i can meet him tuesday about the movie,ill let you know what happens.send me your address and ill send you copies of some of the stories.your friend.spitten jerry



Thank you Jerry – One day soon I’ll post all of the history you’ve sent in – Regards!







~ Leave it to the Vegas-Boys to wire these things up progressively – Later I’ll show you how Belgium does the same thing ~














~ Las Vegas Players History - Bingo-Style Pinballs ~



















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