Created on 07-21-2020



My buddy Jerry shares an old Las Vegas memory`


"hi danny, i drove by the cue club on sahara blvd. and it reminded me of a story that happened in 1973, they had a few pinball players who thought they were very good. so i started to play them hi lo games on the machines hi was the 5 highest balls you could get low was the opposite the best low score you could get was 12345, and highest the opposite. we started off playing even money and i played everyone who would play all day long, by the time we finished i was giving 10 to 1 odds, and still never lost a game. finally one of the other guys playing said it doesn’t matter if you give us a 100 to 1 if we never win a game, boogy who was with me started laughing and said it only took you 600 dollars and all day to figure that out. spitter"


Golden Gate PF - C.jpg



….really, it’s one of the few ways to share a game on the Bingos`