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Man! This guy keeps good company: Dennis Dodel, Michael Sands, Russ Jensen, basically the the Big Dogs!










PinGame Journal Issue #151 begins with Dan Marquardt building his own pinball arcade ... for his O scale model railroad and continues on to introduce readers to Tom Taylor and his amazing pinball collection and then we relive Pinball Expo 2011. Continuing in that vein, we look back at last year's editions of the Northern Lights show in the UK by Mark Robinson and the Red Rose Gameroom Show by Jeffrey Lawton. Andrew Heighway adds an interview and peek at Heighway Pinball's first game, Phoebe Smith reviews the color dot matrix display add-on and John Trudeau is featured in Brian Cady's Kings of the Silverball. There is lots more, of course, in this issue so climb on board and take a ride.

PinGame Journal Issue #148 is all about the Transformers … well, not ALL, but there’s a lot of exclusive info there from none other than George Gomez. Then we move back to 1960 as Bruce Moyer explains Magic Clock. David Marston takes a break from Pinball On Record to introduce a new New England pinball arcade, Kelly Corcoran describes attending his first pinball show, the 2011 Midwest Gaming Classic and Phoebe Smith goes into detail about joining her first pinball league. Jersey Jack remembers a day 36 years ago and Lukasz Dziatkiewicz brings us up to date on the history of pinball in Poland. Rounding things out is part one of the inside story on the recently released remake of King of Diamonds by Reiny Bangerter and part two of Brian Cady’s Kings of the Silver Ball featuring Dennis Nordman. There is, of course, much more in this issue, including the inclusion of a Transformers flyer, so don’t miss it!

Issue #126 July 2008--(OUT OF PRINT--pdf available-inquire) The Adventure Continues as both Stern's Indiana Jones and its designer John Borg return to pinball. We go behind the scenes with more detail then ever before. Next, get an exclusive look at the Pinball 2000 emulator system from Chuck Hess and Big Guys Pinball and two west coast shows, Pacific Pinball Expo and California Extreme are featured in stories by Larry Zartarian and Mark Birsching respectively. Phoebe Smith is back for the forth and final installment of her Solar Fire restoration article and Dave Marston returns in Pinball On Record looking at the many variations of a song called Pinball Machine. Mark Bakula talked to both Gene Cunningham and Wayne Gilliard to find out what they are planning for their companies Illinois Pinball and The Pinball Factory. Finally, Lyman Sheats, player, programmer, collector talks about his Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Pinball. And that's not all, so don't miss this returning issue of the PinGame Journal!

Issue #125 March 2008--This issue starts with letters from readers and moves right into a discussion about Stern’s Wheel Of Fortune. This interview with programmer Keith Johnson reveals behind the scenes details about this game. Next, Nigel Lunt takes a look at replacement score display kits from Pinscore. The Pacific Pinball Exposition was quite a show focusing on classic woodrail games and we present two views of that show, one from Bob Herbison and one from Uncle Hoppy. Speaking of uncles, Uncle Bob reviews the tinted balls from Matchstick Creations in Bob’s Your Uncle. Phoebe Smith works on backglass restoration in part three of her Solar Fire restoration and we end with a look back at the legendary Canadian distributor, Laniel, with Michael Hanley and Robert Barake. Of course there’s more, so don’t let this one get away from you!

June, 2007 (OUT OF PRINT--Email info(at) to order as PDF file) “Steve Ritchie Weaves His Pingame Design Web” announces the cover story for this issue of the PinGame Journal. We look in on Steve’s progress at three separate stages in the design of his latest game for Stern, Spider-man. Phoebe Smith brings us inside the Akron Pinball Show and Uncle Bob describes the process for fitting Cliffy’s Playfield Protectors. Clay Harrell describes his trip to the Pinball Wizards Convention and Eric Strangeway tells us why he likes Williams Defender pinball so much. Then we remember two pinball people who have died in recent months: Hobbiest Richard Shapiro and designer/engineer Ed Cebula. David Ainslie reviews the DVDs Pins and Vids #2 as well as TOP #8 and Jeffrey Lawton talks about the Bally Bingo Service Guide #2. We wrap this issue up with a road trip by the CPM Road Crew to the Southern Illinois Super Show. There’s of course much more web to weave in this issue, so don’t miss it!

Issue #115, April 2006, is a real beauty, a Hawaiian Beauty that is. This 50s Gottlieb classic is featured on the cover as well as covered in depth by PGJ Woodrail editor, Bob Herbison. As busy of a guy Bob is, he found time to visit the newly opened Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas and filed a report on this important location. The article is complemented by photos by Ed Pizo. We also feature two stories about Tim Seckel’s Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends. One about the game by John Patton and another about the car (?) by Giuseppe Croce from Italy! Stern’s new Steve Ritchie creation World Poker Tour is looked at through the eyes of new artist Brian Rood. We are treated to part two of Paul Backer’s exhaustive treatment of Creature From The Black Lagoon. Round that all out with Dave Marston’s Pinball On Record (with a lot of help from Dutchman Frank Verweij), The Repair Pirate and Jeff Lawton’s Technicians In Training, and we have another amazing issue of the Pingame Journal. Don’t miss it!

Issue #114 is just brimming with information and color. The cover features a creature. Actually it’s the Creature From The Black Lagoon acting as the introduction for the up close and personal story (with three pages in color!) of that Bally game by John Trudeau and Kevin O’Connor and a great team. Paul Backer talks to many of them and produced an in-depth article. There’s a report on the missing Comet cabinet logo and one on Tim Arnold’s dream-come-true arcade! We review the new video from the TOP team and find out why Zach Sharpe was out of touch for a while. Bits and Pieces touch on the Coke/Pinball sign in Times Square, a pinball article in American Interest, a PGJ Frapper, and other cool pinball stuff. There’s a discussion from Tim Ford about the future of pinball and a report from Pin-A-Go-Go. Jeffrey Lawton brings us a report on the Whiterose show as well as a review of the video of that show produced by Josh Kaplan. There’s talk of the Pinball Death Match from Bowen Kerins and Mark Malmburg brings us playing tips for Sopranos as well as a new cartoon. John Smout displays his eleventh installment of the History of Pinball and we round out this issue with a report from Uncle Hoppy and his perfect pinball hauling car! Of course there’s much more here but no room to say it all so don’t miss this issue!

Issue 113, November 2005 (Out of Print) begins with a short report on those This Old Pinball zanies Norm and Shaggy and a color photo report on the 2005 AMOA industry show. Alex Fuchs gives us background info on his Pinball Calendar project and Neil Nicastro finishes up his conversation on the events leading to the end of Williams pinball. Pinball At The Zoo is looked at along with the saga of Sarah! Pinball Repair Pirate is back, this time fixing a King Kool and Jeff Lawton continues his Tech. Training series. Josh Kaplan tells of the Pinball Wizards Show, Jim Radovich reviews a Lord Of The Rings ramp mod and Bob Herbison tells us what time is on his Gottlieb clock. Roger Thornton reviews Pure Pinball and there is Bits and Pieces with Cerveris, Zipzer, Rosen, Linux and PlayMeter and a Pinheads cartoon from Mark Malmberg. That’s not all, of course, so don’t miss it!

Issue 112 (October, 2005) features two great discussions. One with Pat Lawlor, discussing his game NASCAR along with the background behind choosing the theme and the challenges his team overcame in making the game. There is also a section discussing the European version of this game, Grand Prix. The other is a talk with former Williams CEO, Neil Nicastro. He tells it like he saw it, no holds barred, in this two part in depth interview. Part two will appear in PGJ #113. Speaking of part two, we have the second part of the Birth of Black Hole story by Eric Selak as well as the entire story of finding the movie game prop from The Time of Your Life by Josh Kaplan. Also there’s info on past industry and collector shows, another installment of John Smout's History of Pinball and Jeffrey Lawton's Technicians In Training. There's more, of course, so don't miss it!

Issue 111, August, 2005. The featured story has been three years in the writing and reveals the origins of the Gottlieb game, Black Hole. The first part of this story by Eric Selak tells how the whole project got started. FLASH! The Chicago Connection is finally un-masked! Find out who this Pinball Trader "Deep Throat" really was. There's a Hershey show report, a new feature: Uncle Hoppy by Steve Hopper, and a really neat story about the pinball promo TV spot for the MLB All Star Game. There's Technicians In Training from Jeffrey Lawton, part two of Flipped Out by Ronald Kemenade and a Space Jam edition of the Repair Pirate ... and much more, of course.

Issue 110, June 2005 features a lot about The Who's Tommy. First Dave Marston's Pinball On Record sets the stage, then we cover the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame's Tommy exhibit, then an exclusive interview with Broadway's Tommy, Michael Cerveris, on to a report on local Tommy productions and finally a history by John Smout called The Who, The Mods and Eel Pie. There's also Technicians In Training by Jeffrey Lawton, inside info and prelim drawings about Stern's The Sopranos, and the first installment of The Repair Pirate Chronicals. There's also a Pinheads cartoon by Mark Malmberg ... and of course much more.

Issue 106, October, 2004, has left the building … and is in the hands of subscribers. It’s full of cool info about the new Stern game, Elvis. Readers will hear from sound and music designer, Chris Granner, artist Jerry Vanderstelt, and game designer Steve Ritchie. Also in this issue there is a story on the joys of playing the ponies on Gottlieb’s Derby Day by Bob Herbison, the inside story of the forth Pinball 2000 game, Playboy from the people who were designing it and reports on pinball shows and parties. There’s some tech help for EM games from Jeffrey Lawton, as well as part two of Clay Harrell’s three part epic on Bally’s Sharpshooter gun game. Speaking of Sharpshooter, the history of the Game Plan pin is explained by Josh and Zach Sharpe. There’s tons more so don’t miss it.

March, 2004. Of course the BIG news in PGJ issue #103 is that it reveals two of the biggest secrets in pinball history: How to play the "brick game" in Star Trek:The Next Generation and the meaning of DOHO! I kind of went a little wild with the cover in their honor, but I like it. DOHO discoverer, Maddes Bucher relates his quest for the truth and programmer Dwight Sullivan provides a nice little history of his involvement in pinball and the events leading up to the creation of the “brick game.” There's lots of other stuff there too! On the back cover is a preview of the new Stern game, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and Federico Croci’s book “Pinball Machines for Italy.” You’ll fine everything from Lyndon Jordon’s visit to Norm's Nest, to a bingo story by Jeffrey Lawton, to Dave Marston’s Pinball On Record, to a White Rose show report by Josh Kaplan, to a history lesson by Michael Colmer! You’ll also see part 4 of the History of Pinball by John Smout, a report on the UK Pinball Extravaganza by Graham Fairall and Marvin Watson and, believe it or not, even MORE!

Issue #102, (OUT OF PRINT) January 2004, features Stern's latest game, Lord Of The Rings, with EXCLUSIVE artwork from New Line Cinema artist Jerry Vanderstelt and a discussion with programmer Keith Johnson. Also you'll read “It’s Better To Give” by Martin Ayub and “Seasons Cheatings” by Bob Cratchit, a report on the California Extreme show by Edd Dicker and part two of Clay Harrell's epic Chicagoland trip as well as tips on how to make your own plastic pinball parts! There’s Pinball Crossword and Pingame Guessing Game along with part three of John Smout’s History of Pinball to round out this “preciousss” issue of the PinGame Journal.

Issue #101 incorporates the annual Pinball Expo Souvenir Guide! On the cover are 30 different individual creamer tops that each feature a classic pin. Inside you’ll find United's Summertime by Jeffrey Lawton, David Marston on the Bally Recording Corp., Bruce Clark’s Clark Side Bar about a Pinball Bar, Mark Williams' report on the 2003 Oregon Pinball Odyssey and John Smout's History of Pinball, part two. There’s also Ask The Experts, and part one of Clay Harrell’s epic journey to pick up his eBay bought games at the Chicagoland show and how he fixed them up. Plus there is all kinds of Expo info and pages on web sites to visit and books to read.

March 2003. The 1930s Rotor Table Games’ Confucius Say is brought to life by Michael Sands and featured in this issue. There are updates on Steve Ritchie and Lyman Sheats from Stern, reports on the ATEI (England) and IMA (Germany) industry shows, Ask The Experts about Motordome, reports on the White Rose show from Josh Kaplan and Coin-op Super Show from Russ Jensen as well as a look at the Pinball Expo 2002 Stern Tour with details of Stern’s new tournament system. We have Working On Wiggler by Jeffrey Lawton, The Clark Sidebar, Norm’s Nest, Guessing Game, and a special Darker Side of Pinball on the back cover! Round that out with reader’s letters, ads, and some great deals on books and you have another “Play Pinball Man!” issue of the PinGame Journal. Inclusions: Simpsons Pinball Party and Stern ToPS System flyers.

August 1999. Cover story Williams Holliday--A Williams Bingo? by John Osborne and Jeffrey Lawton,

Forty-five-June, 1996. Cover: Bally Cypress Gardens-40 pages. Water Damage Rescue of Cypress Gardens by Jeffrey Lawton. Creating a Pinball Gallery by Michael Sands,

June/July, 1992. Cover: Bally 1969 Beauty Contest, 40 pages.


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I happen to have one of these _ Autographed, smile!!


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