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~ The question of the motors seeming to run continuously on the bingos is often raised by the newer first-time owners ~




Do the motors always run on these machines?
From Jim Stratton on Date 1995/07/17

I have a Bally Surf Club bingo. The Control unit motor and the Mixer unit motor run continuously while the game is in this normal? The schematic shows

 that unless the game is tilted the motors continue to run. Seems hard on the motors.....must be durable. Also, what is a reflex unit.....does it keep things random????

Steve Pazar responds: Jim, I believe that the Control, and Mixer motors do run continuously DURING a game. They should shut down when a game is completed, or tilted.

The Reflex unit is indeed a 'randomizer'.




Now for the Bally bingos it’s true that the motors tend to run most of the time, and the Old Bingers will tell you that this is part of the

allure of these games! Kind of like listening to the older scratchy record albums vs. a CD.


~ More importantly, this fact can help trouble-shoot and diagnose Bingos that are dead or of limit function ~


~ When you ask someone for help fixing your machine, this is going to be one of the first questions they ask you ~


When you first plug in the machine and turn it on, it’s dead until you deposit a coin or play a credit and the start relay is powered and the bingos begin what

Bally referred to as a spin cycle. If there are credits on the replay register, the replay reset relay powers when the game is turned on because the anti-cheat

relay is unpowered.  That causes the motors to power and a 16 pulse cam switch causes the replay register to decrement to zero.  Once the register is zero,

the motors may turn off again...depends on the position of the timer unit. when a coin/credit is played (credits added with a kumbbackey is the only standard

way when a game resets replay register at power-on), then the timer unit is reset and the motors turn on.

Either way, the machine begins what is known as the start cycle where it closes the start relay and then resets and/or spins the timer cams and mixers,

where the spotting wipers are all released. The timer cam rotation is periodically stopped by the drag arms, but eventually the timer cams rotate enough

to allow the spotting wipers and mixers to lock in. While the spotting wipers are rotating, lights are flashing on the backglass. The position where the spotting

wipers stop often determines what circuits will get 50V passed through to them on this spin cycle. Depending on a bunch of other factors - like the mixers and

current positions of various steppers - the 50V works its way through and powers step-up coils or trip relay coils to award features or increase odds. The reflex

unit is nudged another little bit toward it's reset position, thus increasing the chance of the 50V mentioned above making it through all the units to the coils.


The purpose of the Reflex Unit is straight-forward – After credits are won, this tightens up the machine making it harder to win the next time by

limiting the odds and features extended to the player.




For the United bingos I really am not too sure – It would be great for someone to describe the start sequence for us please?


~ Now we are kind of starved for United photos too, so please send some in if you can – Especially Internals ~


I just looked, and as of this morning these United bingos didn’t have Internals posted:












South Seas


Triple Play




~ A quick look through my archive helps plug these gaps ~


~ Brazil ~


~ Circus ~


~ Circus ~


~ Triple Play ~


~ Triple Play ~


~ Unknown ~







~ I look forward to hearing from the United owners – Thank you! ~









~ Bingo Short-Stories – The Bally Spin Cycle ~


(…Thxs Phil…)

















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