Bingo Pinballs

Last update 08-13-2021



You will see me point to the OldBinger on many pages`


The intro on Hugh’s website is: “Thanks and visit often” – I really like that`


…and I love Hugh’s main page, where he talks about playing these games as a kid`


Like many of us, a pleasure he has held onto for a lifetime!


A man who is both open-and-private, Mr. Kown invites each of us into his world and shares his love for the games,


_ Very Cool _


A couple times I tired to ask Hugh a few direct questions about his favorite games –etc,


…and he just ignored me, laugh, but at the same time he immediately answers technical questions,


…and immediately provides whatever support he can – One day a Reflex unit showed up on my doorstep, after a small inquiry.




You can easily recognize most of his photos sets, which are truly impressive, Bingos stationed by that famous garage door,


Smile, take a real close look at the machines he has posted, he has restored…


Just perfection, if I was going to trust someone with my Bingo: It would be Hugh Kown!





Friend, Mentor, Enthusiast, Expert… To the Bingo-Community!


Hugh is one of my Bingo Heroes!




Sad news, that the Old Binger passed this year, 2021

He touch many of us and will be remembered`


I realized today that I had some of the old form pages`


Hugh's Old Forum



I also have a great video I promised Steve Smith that I would never post`…I will now in my Video Section

I also have most of Hugh’s webpages backed up, I will also post those and add links here`






















I have a million things of his things on file, including many of the Oldbinger Forum pages, that I will post here soon…


Stay tuned,