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Pinball machine, 1956 Bally Bingo Broadway, 25 holes (rare), working  cond w/sm problem: gives away too many free games.

$650. 410-538-7946 (after 4pm).


March 26, 2001 - VOL. 30, NO. 27


The Gazette On-lime

JOHNS hopkins uV





You are bidding on a Bally Coil, for Bingo Pinball Style Machines 25 Hole games. This coil is for

the trip bank reset coil. This was in early bingo's like Ballerina, Big Show etc.


E 184-94 Coil Never used with Brass sleeve, New Condition.


You are bidding on a Bally Coil, for Bingo Pinball Style Machines 25 Hole games. This coil is for

the trip bank reset coil. This was in early bingo's like Golden Gate and Silver Sails etc.


E 184-174 Coil Never used with Brass sleeve, New Condition.





This is a coin box from a Bally Bingo Pinball. If I remember right

it is from a Bikini. It should fit most bally bingos of this era.

Measurements in inches are: 9 1/8 wide, 11 deep, 3 7/8 high in rear,

5 high in front. Shipping weight is 5 pounds and will be mailed from

zip code 70815 by priority mail so check the rates before bidding.

Payment by money order or check. Checks must clear before I can ship

(Approx. 10 days) Don't use the ebay checkout. I will contact you

after the auction ends. Email me with any questions at






Hello again, Danny!


I can't believe you'd even be interested in the musings of an old broad like me!!!


Here goes:


Runyon Sales Co., 221 Freylingheusen Avenue, Newark, N.J. Bigelow 3-8777


I was feeling nostalgic and keyworded "Runyon Sales" and found Rex's

musings. When I saw "Runyon" and "Newark, N.J." I felt I had to make

contact. My dad passed away more than 20 years ago and so, I'm sure,

have the others (Abe Green, Barnet Sugarman, etc.).  He was with Runyon

back in the 40's, 50's and part of the early 60's.  I don't know if

Runyon exists anymore.  When I was little, my dad used to take me there

and I played with all the jukeboxes and pinball machines to my heart's

content. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.



Danny - Verbatim folks, sorry – Linda is anything but an old broad, she’s definitely one of the “Pin Girls”





Puerto Rico Amusement Arcades

Known locally as a "salon de juego", they can't be easily missed

with the noise they create. Open from early morning to late at

night, they are all located within each of the three shopping centres

here. For Ping-Pong you'll need to go to the back of the Centro

Commercial as this is the only public table I know of. Otherwise,

all the others are pretty much standard with slot-machines for

gambling away your spending money, various arcade and video games,

rides for the smaller children, pool tables, "test your strength"

games and look out for the Spanish bingo/pinball machines!





Ray Remembers:

The law was clear. You couldn't have a pinball machine with a hole in

the playfield. The Bingo machines had 25 holes on the playfield and

you would line them up with corresponding numbers on the backglass.

Mayor Daley effectively outlawed all machines with a hole in the

playfield. There were so many of them and it was feared that they

could be turned into gambling machines






The autobiography of a man living in the 2nd half of the 20th century by Roger B. White Jr., started Dec 96


Late 67 or early 68?


I got into the city of Biloxi a few times, and down to New Orleans for

Mardi Gras while I was training at Keesler Both were eye-openers.

Biloxi was my first experience with the Deep South, and I found it

fascinatingly different from Ohio and the Cleveland area, or any other

of the many places I'd visited by then in the North and West. The

geography and the vegetation were different, and the social styles of

the people were different. I ran into pinball machines in Biloxi,

honest-to-god pinball machines. They had no flippers on them; you

played them to win real money; and they were much like playing Bingo

-- there was a square of holes and you won by getting long lines of

balls in the holes.





Most Likely From Mr. Raymond Watts:


WICO / Coin-operated Parts & Supplies Catalog. Great for identifying parts. Also interesting to see

what things cost 50 years ago. Parts included in this manual include: jukebox replacement plastics

and parts, pinball, suffle alley, and miscellaneous.


Also has a Bingo pinball parts list, It lists 17 different bingo pins with part numbers and part

description. Nice quick reference if you collect older Bally bingo pinball machines. Games such as

Surf Club, Gayette, Big time, Hi Fi, Palm Springs etc. A dozen or so pages of this book is for bingo

 machines. Has some illustrations as well.


CONDITION: Very good for being about 50 years old. Inside pages are very clean. There is a small

tear on the cover. There is no date on this catalog but there is a coupon attached to one of the

pages which states it expires Nov 30 1955 so it must be earlier than that date. More than likely

it is a 1955 catalog. Thanks for looking and Good Luck!!





Bingo speelkast Magic Ball. Werkt met 0,50 €. Grote display. Prima in orde.





Ray MOLONEY (né en 19??)

Moins connu qu'Harry WILLIAMS, le fondateur de BALLY est également un pionnier de cette industrie.

Après avoir été cow-boy dans l'ouest Américain, imprimeur à Chicago à la fin des années 20, son esprit d'entreprise

l'amène à s'interesser à l'industrie des jeux. Il convainc ses 2 associés de la Lion Manufacturing Company de créer

une filiale chargée de concevoir et fabriquer des billard à épingles à partir d'un plateau de bagatelle recouvert d'une

glace et équipé d'un percuteur à ressort pour lancer de petites billes de verre. Ses associés se laissent convaincre

et c'est ainsi que nait... BALLY avec le "Ballyhoo".

Ray MOLONEY demeure Président de BALLY, jusqu'a sa mort en 1957.





Fue en 1931 cuando Dave Gottlieb creó la "Gottlieb Baffle Ball", considerada la máquina que dio

con el lanzamiento de la industria, a la que siguió, en 1932, la "Bally Ballyhoo", de Ray Moloney,

que marcó el nacimiento de la popular marca.




The first pinball machine manufactured by Gottlieb (1931) was named

'Bingo' - and it sold for $16.50 !




Bally Dixieland Bingo Pinball. Works great! Dixieland is the King of all

6 Card bingo Pinballs, These machines are still the best money makers

for Operators and very few are available to the public. 6 Cards with

special features including, Diagonal pay, Double pay, Double Double

Pay, Magic and Super Lines. Double or Nothing, The Dixieland is the

Last and Best 6 card bingo Bally Bingo ever Made.... Backglass a 9

playfield is smooth but has spiderweb lines around holes( See Picture)

, But does NOT affect play. Priced to sell!!! Shipping arrangements

are the Buyers Responsibility or you can pick it up. Payment must be

made within 5 Days. We reserve the right to Cancel bids by persons with

 poor feedback ratings....




- Lido -

There were only 1700 of these produced. The cabinet has been painted to exact factory design.

"THE PINBALL STORE" is one of the best in the restoration business. It has all the features of it's

predecessors (Can-Can, Bikini, and Roller Derby) plus futurity (where you can store all the OK points that

have been accumulated to use on one BIG GAME). "LIDO" and Can-Can are the ONLY bingos produced that

you can get the red & yellow super sections at the same time.




Ik verkoop een bingo "Cypress Gardens" model is ongeveer 30 jaar oud. Is ook te zien aan het

serienummer (C 3622). De kast werkt nog, maar heeft dringend behoefte aan een opknapbeurt. Enkel

het mechanisme om de speelballen omhoog te brengen is defect (werkt soms wel, soms niet.) verder dienen de rubbers vervngen




Some pinball machines, such as Bally's "bingos", would have a grid on the backglass scoring area. Free games could be won if the player was skillful enough to get three balls in a row. However, doing this was pretty much completely random, and the real use for such machines was as a gambling device (such as many places now use video poker).


Pinball - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.





-         Repeated somewhere else on my pages, but interesting anyway  -


-         According to the folks who like to keep track of such things, December is supposed to be the birth month of

the game of bingo. We can't confirm that, but we do know that the ear-liest form of the popular game of chance

was played more than 200 years ago. The word bingo is an alteration of bing, an interjection suggestive

of a ringing sound. Back in the 1920s, when it first began appearing in print, bingo announced any unexpected event or

instantaneous result. After folks with a winning line or card in bingo-type games began calling out "bingo"

to announce a winning position, the game became known by that name. This is not to say that bingo had no name

before the 1920s. In fact, the game had many names. Lotto, which comes from the Italian word for "lottery," was first

used for it in seventeen-seventy-eight. Keno, the name for the original American form of the game,

first appeared in eighteen-fourteen. That name comes from the French quine, meaning "set of five winning

numbers in a lottery," plus the -o from lotto. Other American names for bingo include beano and tango.

During the Great Depression, a variant called screeno was played at neighborhood movie theatres. On what was

known as Bank Night, patrons would receive free bingo cards with their admission tickets and try for prizes and cash.





20 x 36 x ½ inch PINBALL playing board weighs about 9 pounds. Board has some paint flaking and is marked Circus with images of Clowns, Elephants, and Trapeze Flyers.


UNITED MFG CO. CHICAGO. ILL and Past. NOS. RE 20698 & 2,192,596.CIRCUS BINGO PINBALL Manufactured Aug 1952





t-shot tip

You must first inspect the bingo machine and make sure all electric parts are completely there and every-thing looks normal. If you do not have all eight balls in the ball trough the bingo machine will not start up and work correctly. So make sure all 8 balls are in there. Then deposit a coin or manually hit coin mech thin wire switch lever to start game. This will tell you if the game has any chance of working correctly after this point. You will need to know how the bingo plays in order to restore or fix any problems. Big Time is a magic line game which means all 5 lines move up and down, three positions depending on the amount of coins entered at the start of game. Your odds or pay out will also increase when depositing coins at the start of the game, plus all other game features will increase also by depositing the coins at the start of the game. If you really want to learn about the bingo machines get the only bingo pinball book out by Jeffery Lawton called BALLY BINGO PINBALL MACHINES, it will help you to understand what the bingo pinball machines are about. Good luck with this game. Big time is a nice 1950's woodrail bingo pinball machine. Hopefully this will get you started in the right direction






Take a chance find a nice condition bingo pinball machine and fix it up. Look for something from the late 1950's to early 60's. The most sought after games are the ones that have the OK feature in them. Some of the really great ones are BIKINI, GOLDEN GATE, LIDO, SILVER SAILS, CARNIVAL QUEEN, and there are a lot more to list. You can also look for a turning corners games like NIGHT CLUB, BROADWAY, BEACH TIME, etc where 16 numbers all move in different positions on the corners of the bingo cards. .How about a magic line game where the numbers move up and down on the bingo card. Some of the magic line games are VARIETY, BIG TIME, GAY TIME etc. Really the best thing to do is buy the new BALLY BINGO PINBALL MACHINE book out by Jeffery Lawton and this book will explain everything you ever wanted to know about bingo pinball machines. I think once anyone gives themselves a chance to fully understand how these great pinball machines really work and! ! learn how to play them will be amazed how much fun the games could be. It will take sometime to get good enough to win on these bingo pinball machines so I can't see being bored that quickly. Do not listen to all the bad talk about bingo pinball machines, the people bad that bad talk them are the ones who never really gave themselves a true chance to learn and play these fantastic and very interesting machines. Get the BALLY BINGO PINBALL book and be on your way.





Ray Shroyer


In fact, Ray calls one type of game he calls "the poker machine" of the '40s, '50s, and '60s. Can you guess what it was? It was the infamous Bingo machine. In the '60s Chicago's future Mayor Daley had vowed to eliminate the machines and kept his word when they were off the street within six months of his election.

The law was clear. You couldn't have a pinball machine with a hole in the playfield. The Bingo machines had 25 holes on the playfield and you would line them up with corresponding numbers on the backglass. Mayor Daley effectively outlawed all machines with a hole in the playfield. There were so many of them and it was feared that they could be turned into gambling machines. 

Then along came a game from Williams designed by Steve Kordek, who Ray names as one of his industry heroes. It was called Little Pro and had a golf theme and, yes, it had a hole in the playfield. Ray describes it as more of a simulator-type game. Then the industry started getting more of this type of game and after Raceway pinball, the game was finally made legal. But, you could only have pinballs that would give away less than 12 replays so they could never be turned into gambling machines.


“Thxs Ray”





I hope this finds you well, Danny  ----- Original Message -----  From: Bob Klepner  To: Rickic2 Sent: Sunday, November 16, 2003 2:21 AM  Subject: Bingo's


Hi Rick. If someone hasn't already written, Games Inc made upright console  gambling  flasher type machines including Hunter which I used to own and also a  double version of this game the name of which escapes me for the moment.  The stepper units in Hunter were the same as the type in Hi Line  See http://rwatts.cdyn.com/Machines/Hunter.html  to see a Hunter.  Regards  Bob Klepner


“Thxs Bob”








Coin-Operated Amusement; Jones, Herbert

Bally;  ;  ; 1972

the booklet that Coin-Operated Pinball Machines was taken from. Includes chapters on Slots, Pins (same as the later book, but also has a page on ""bingo"" pinballs), and Arcade Games. Bally published it around 1972 judging by the photos of their products.









Harry Williams helped start United just before the US got into WW II, left United in 1942 to start his own company, Williams Manufacturing Company, in 1944. United would continue to produce pins into the 50's, then they switched to jukeboxes, shuffle bowlers, bingo pinballs, etc. United produced jukeboxes from 1957-1961. They continued to produce shuffle bowlers through the 1970's.



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