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Now this article doesn’t specifically say “Bingo Pinballs” but it’s my guess that the games being referenced are indeed bingos since they are talking about the 1970s with their machines finally being outlawed in 1979. What is most interesting about the article to me, is the “estimate of there being 40,000 machines” being used in the state!!

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Tennessee Halts Gambling Pinball Bill

9 May 2002


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NASHVILLE, Tennessee – As reported by the Knoxville News Sentinel: "The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has questioned a bill to legalize gambling on `antique' pinball machines that has moved to the verge of passage in the legislature.


"David Jennings, assistant director of the TBI, said he has heard reports `a warehouse full' of the machines was being held in South Carolina for importation into Tennessee if the bill passes. "The bill won approval of all committees of both the House and Senate and awaits a floor vote in both chambers. It was scheduled for a House floor vote on Wednesday, but sponsor Rep. Joe Armstrong (D-Nashville) postponed the vote after learning of the TBI interest. "…Sen. Tommy Haun (R-Greeneville), the Senate sponsor, said Jennings had contacted him about the legislation, leaving him with misgivings. "…Ross Haynes, an investigator for Knox County Dist. Atty. Gen. Randy Nichols had also contacted the TBI, Jennings said. "Haynes, a former agent for the TBI and FBI, was involved in an investigation of pinball gambling in the 1970s, Jennings said. "There were also hearings across the state at the time that indicated `corruption and organized crime' were involved in the pinball gambling business, he said. Some transcripts and data from those hearings were provided to McNally and Person, he said. "…Pinball gambling was legal in Tennessee for a period during the 1970s but was outlawed in 1979 when there were estimates that more than 40,000 such machines were being used in the state, said Jennings…"






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