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?? So, How Many ??


Bingo Serial Numbers - A Quest


How many Bingos were there??

How many Bingos were there?

How many Bingos were there?



So how much did the mob (mafia) make!!


"A Billion Dollars - A Nickel At A Time"


…So, do the Math…



…and do it in the 1950s where you could live on $15 dollars a day…




365 x 29 = 10585 total days

1,000,000,000 / 10585 = 94,475 nickels per day

94,475 / 24 = 3936 nickels per hour

3936 / 24 = 164 nickels each hour

So, $80 bucks an hour, around the clock, for 29 years, hmmm,






so, now get that down to the 15-years _ the Heydays _ 1959-to-1966!


so, now get that down to an average 70% return to the player on the machines!




and wham!!




You are quickly looking at 550,000 nickels per day, per the bars being open 12-hours _ laugh!!




Ok, that is $2300 per hour!!




When a Steak-Dinner "for two" cost $5.00 USD _ laugh!




?? So, How Many ??




How many bingos were there!!




Here is our best clue to date:



In 1959, you could buy a steak dinner and drinks for two, for $5 dollars!!





Nashville, Tennessee



120,000 "payoff" pinballs!!





There are 50 Sates in the United States!!














Laugh _ Do the Math!!







There were not "just 100s of these things" _ "There were 100s-of-1000s!!"








Stay Tuned