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To Danny Leach




Bingo machines are based on the bingo game.

There is a grid of number, for instance 10x10 grid.


The point of the game is to have a line formed with the ‘picked’ numbers.

The line can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal.


In the basic game, numbers are picked randomly, as in the lottery.

Every player has his own grid, and when a player has a line, he screams ‘bingo’.


In the Bingo machine the grid is fixed, it’s always on the headpanel of the machine.

Some types of machines have multiple grids.


An example:



You select a type of game. One Ball, Lucky Ball etc..

And you’re wage, the higher the wage, the higher the possible profit of course.

Then you start the game.

A big iron ball falls down, and end in one of the holes.

Depending on the game type, and where the ball falls, you win or loose.


You can try to hit the machine to try to influence the trajectory of the ball.

But if there’s too much movement, the machine detects it, displays TILT and you loose automatically.


Also, I know the machines here in Belgium have aprox 85% winning rate.

So in general, if you put 1000 EUR in to it, the machine provides 850 EUR output.

So the owner/renter wins 150 EUR. But this is put on a very long term (6-12 month)

Some months its 60%, others are 125%, it all depends.

The machine itself calculate this rate. So if a machine ‘hasn’t give anything’ in a long while, you’re more prompt to win big,

and the other way around.

There are magnets underneath that influence the ball controlled by the machine to achieve this.


They are people very well skilled, that live from those machine. They check when a machine is ‘full’, and play very agile on it by hitting it lightly at the right time.


For more information, I found these sites in English:

This is a translation of the text Luc gave me, to be honest, the text didn’t make that much sense to me.

I translated it literally, word for word, without understanding much of it, so I hope there isn’t too much lost in translation.


One Ball


Like the name suggests, this game is played with one ball (and possibly an extra ball).

For this game, only the TFT/LCD panel counts. The pointvalue is fixed on 0.25 EUR.

The score-display shows the amount of winnings and the numbers you need to win (from 1 to maximum 5 numbers, variates with each game).

After confirming the maximum value at the chosen pointvalue, the gamer can choose to buy a Quick Extra Ball.

When the maximum stake (= 25 starts) is pushed, the bolt/slide will shut before the falling of the first ball and the tilt will be activated.

If you play 3 times the same number, you’ll get maximum profit, only available with maximum stake.

You can also start the game at a lower stake if you press the X button.

The score to win and the numbers are picked completely at random. There are minimum 1, maximum 5.

Here we have the possibility again to take a Quick Extra Ball, that can activate following features:

-          Magic number

-          Revaluate the score with a maximum stake *80


By playing the Magic Number, you can double the score.

With the X button you can always check out the base-score.



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