Bingo Pinballs

This pinball webpage was created on 06-08-2019


These Magic Square games are pretty Cool`and the natural follow-on to the Bingos with the Magic Lines features.


…on these Ladies the numbers could now be moved between lines and Cypress Garden is a nice example of the possibilities`


As with Show-Time the movements were all together, offering you some serious control over the left four lines of the Bingo card.


With the Extended Play feature incorporated, here you could actually win more games than the Replay Meter could register`


…that’s right` the meters on these games only had three reels`





Well if you’ve been following these pages, this is a great find. As you know I love the Bingos with the Hoppers`




Someone did some very nice work here`


….nickels literally spill out onto the floor`making for some spectacular noise and entertainment`


The cheesy little instruction made with a old-style label-maker, helps us target the timeframe this game was modified`




…all-and-all, a nice well built and maintained Bingo`












_ 1958 _