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Well if you are following these machines out here on the Internet you will see Mr. Frans Pilger’s

name quite a few places, including his own website …the Bingobeast`


Although I have never talked to the Beast and we have only exchanged “one or two” emails,

I really feel like I know a lot about the wonderful work he has been doing and sharing with us`


I only have “six web links” in my Favorites and his site has always been one!


Frans is out of Holland and simply doing an Excellent job saving and preserving the Legacy of these machines!


The Bally Bingos have never been in Better-Hands!




…the Beast left this Introduction on his website in 2013 -


More than ten years ago I started collecting and restoring Bally Bingo's. These machines mostly originate from the 50 'and 60' s. In my childhood fascination with the bingo's already started. But not until my retirement in sight, I went to the old slots collection.

After a few years I met other Bally Bingo collectors and together we continued  this hobby, and I started restoring the machines. In particular my friends Peter Hoebert, who own a great game room, and who made his extensive parts inventory available and of course Coos Hakvoort. He is capable to produce components for the Bally Bingo's that are no longer available. This started with the remake of all buttons in the front bar and then with front bar covers. Until finally new spray templates, new backglasses and new playfields could be made.

Together we are able to restore Bally Bingo's, which are sometimes in a deplorable condition, again in a (almost) new condition. That's good because we still have a warehouse full of bingo's to be restored.

Frans Pilger
( the Bingobeast )




…here is a Cool-Snippet from his gallery that shows the level-of-work being done and a few associates -


Lately Coos could buy a Bally Bikini in Holland. This bingo had been landed coincidentally with a salesman, who found the machine in a lot of pinballs. It was clear dat this fellow wanted to get rid of it, because it did not function, it was too difficult to handle (he did not know that he could dismantle the head off the cabinet), it was heavy and the frontbar with the buttons was missing. In other words, Coos could take the bingo for a few euro's. Fortunately did I have another frontbar from a Lido. This bar was not identical to the Bikini, but Coos could fix it, with a new plate and new buttons. He started a technical restoration, replaced the electronical register for a original and cleaned everything, so that he could play again. As it was his first OK bingo and so his first Magic Screen, it was nice that the Bikini was not too bad. Of course extra Tilts devices were fitted and a remote system for registering, but Ed advised to cut out all those things rigorously.



Changed playing card


When the Bikini was ready, the bingo had to be put into use. A splendid moment for the Dutch hardcore bingo bunch to visit Coos and play his quick growing collection. So Ed, Peter, Frans and Coos played the Double Header, Gayety, Twist, Big Wheel, four different Miss America's and the new Bikini. I had a funny feeling this Bikini was different from the Bikini's I am restoring and suddenly I noticed the difference. The layout of the playing card was different. Numbers 24 and 7 were changed position. See the pictures of the changed and original play card. That was the reason why the wiring underneath the Magic Screen unit had been changed. Coos had seen the cut wiring, but everything worked fine, so why looking for the reason?



Original playing card


Being a man of the trade, Ed knew instantly what has been happened. The Lido and Bikini were mostly played for the OK games, so the players played the balls on the left hand side, where numbers 9 and 25 were for the first OK sector and numbers 1, 19, 24 and 23 for the second sector. So to make it more difficult to get an OK, the manager fitted a new (100% look-a-like) playing card, on which number 24 and 7 had changed position. There was a sign plate with "For amusement only", but the management had to earn money



Smile, Cool`










……One of my Bingo Heroes……














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